Bilstein 8112 Series Front + Rear Suspension Kit (2005-2023 Tacoma)

Bilstein 8112 Series Front + Rear Suspension Kit (2005-2023 Tacoma)

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Bilstein 8112 Series Front and Rear 0.6-2.5″ Lift – 2005+ Tacoma

BILSTEIN B8 8112 (ZoneControl CR) is a direct fit coilover kit designed for light trucks and SUVs. ZoneControl CR is a revolutionary technology delivering position-sensitive damping. The system incorporates a triple piston design, offering 3 stages of compression valving and 2 stages of rebound valving. The coilover module utilizes a threaded spring seat for ride height adjustability ranging from 0.5-2.5″. The damper is supplied with a remote reservoir for increased cooling and an accompanied, bolt-on anodized reservoir chassis mount. BILSTEIN B8 8112 (ZoneControl CR) position-sensitive coilovers will offer unparalleled ride comfort during everyday driving combined with maximum control over large suspension inputs.

Kit Includes:

  • Front Coilovers BILSTEIN B8 8112 Series
  • Part: 41-269282 and 41-269299

Preset Lift Heights:

  • 4WD V6, Double Cab, 6′ Bed 2016+ 1.4″ lift and 2005-2015 1.9″ lift
  • 4WD V6, Double Cab, 5′ Bed 2016+ 1.5″ lift and 2005-2015 2.2″ lift
  • 4WD V6, Access Cab 2016+ 1.6″ lift and 2005-2015 2.1″ lift
  • 4WD 4cyl, Access Cab 2016+ 1.6″ lift
  • RWD, 6 lug, V6, Double Cab, 6′ Bed 2016+ 1.7” lift and 2005-2015 2.1″ lift
  • RWD, 6 lug, V6, Double Cab, 5′ Bed 2016+ 2″ lift and 2005-2015 2.3″ lift
  • RWD, 6 lug, V6, Access Cab 2016+ 2.2″ lift and 2005-2015 2.6″ lift
  • RWD, 6 lug, 4cyl, Access Cab 2016+

Rear Bypass Shocks B8 8100 Series

BILSTEIN B8 8100 (Bypass) is a direct fit, position-sensitive, damper for light trucks and SUVs. These motorsports-inspired shock absorbers utilize a dual tube externally adjustable bypass design. B8 8100 (Bypass) features “Incremental Flow” bypass adjusters, allowing for finite and incremental changes for rebound and compression.

The shocks utilize a bottom hose, remote reservoir exit port, delivering increased compression control during the full cycle. The remote reservoir is supplied with a bolt-on aluminum anodized chassis mount for easy fitment. BILSTEIN B8 8100 (Bypass) will maximize the driver experience, offering unparalleled ride comfort and incredible bottom-out control.