Tacoma Overland Tailgate Table (2005-2023)
Tacoma Overland Tailgate Table (2005-2023)

Tacoma Overland Tailgate Table (2005-2023)

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Using your tailgate as a table is nothing new to you. Your tailgate is your go-to workbench, picnic table, cutting board, and stool. The only ones who don't seem to understand this are Toyota themselves as evidenced by the wavy impractical design of their tailgate panel. The stock tailgate panel is a wasted opportunity that you can easily correct with our Overland Tailgate Table for your 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma.

This Overland Tailgate Table turns your opened tailgate into a multi-functional platform for all of your overlanding, camping, fishing, and hunting needs. The durable food-grade polyethylene cover can be used as a cutting board while supporting your favorite camp stove. A slot on the left side and cup-holders on the right side prevent items from rolling away.

Requiring only basic hand tools and 3-minutes of time, this is one of the easiest modifications you will ever make on your truck and one every Tacoma owner should do.